bridesmaid dresses are an effective and low-cost solution for wedding

If your dream is to have a group of friends accompanying you to the wedding, but you want to save bridesmaids’ dresses … here are some suggestions.

chiffon lace a-line/princess bridesmaid dress

You can buy cute dresses for boys and girls from Lalamira, ranging from 0 to 12 years, at a very low cost. For every dress suitable for bridesmaids and small pages-and also for children invited to the wedding, there is a set of coordination accessories: winter angora shoulder straps and summer tulle, headband and bow hair, satin and sequined ballet flats.
The following are some of my favorite models of the spring/summer 2019 catalog… I remind you that every year Lalamira provides boys and girls with new series suitable for various environments and ceremonies.

floor-length a-line/princess flower girl dress

As announced earlier, these are the Lalamira models that I think are most suitable for bridesmaids … but they are not the only ones that are selectively embarrassing! Each Lalamira dress model is suitable for children of any age, and some can provide more colors … so before you go to the Lalamira store, make sure your spouse chooses the wedding design of which color, so even the bridesmaids are draped in harmony with the aesthetic image of the ceremony.

chiffon off-the-shoulder a-line/princess bridesmaid dress

Each Lalamira bridesmaid dress can be combined with coordinated accessories to complete the dress.

But Lalamira even provides many things for these pages: tie, bow tie, hat, shirt … the most suitable ceremony for each season and taste! As for bridesmaids, please check the theme and wedding color tray before buying children’s clothes.

chiffon sleeveless a-line/princess bridesmaid dress

Bridesmaids are more and more people we see at Italian weddings. Perhaps it is fashionable to have bridesmaids, but I like to think of it as a way for the most important friends around the bride to get together. The latter can provide color instructions and pay close attention to the budget of bridesmaid dresses.

The number of bridesmaids is not fixed. If we think of Kate’s wedding in England, the bridesmaid is one, her sister Pippa, wearing a beautiful but white dress! Then there are the weddings, the bridesmaids are 6-8-10 … in order to save today’s bridesmaid dresses, I suggest you prepare to deliver some beautiful clothes, unlike tailors who have standard sizes, they are very cheap!

tulle v neck sleeveless bridesmaid dress

For a group of bridesmaids, it is always preferable that the dresses have the same color and slightly change the model (e.g. shoulder, sweetheart neckline, backing). The colors for the next season will be red, blue and light pink, which must still match the colors of the ceremony and bouquet.

In between, the choice is completely free. Apart from the classic distinction between daytime and evening ceremonies between short-term and long-term, let’s say that long-term is the kind that best represents American weddings, perhaps the shabby fashion style. What do you think of these cheap bridesmaid dresses?



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