Find your only plus size wedding dress under 200 in Vdressy

From the high price tag, to the pressure to find “the one”, shopping for a wedding dress can induce a lot of stress and anxiety. Add in the fact that most bridal stores don’t feature a plethora of plus size gowns and need several months to turn around a dress, and it’s safe to say you’ll be over the process before it even begins.

It’s the age of brides (finally) letting their bridesmaids pick their own dresses, and oh boy, are we taking advantage of it. Brands are dropping hot plus size wedding dress under 200 left and right—we can’t even keep up.

plus size wedding dress under 200

As someone who likes to look good at weddings (I mean, my future partner could be there, OK?!), I recognize the importance of finding a bridesmaid dress that makes me look good—just, like, not as good as the bride, because that’d be rude. Luckily for all of us, there are plus-size bridesmaid dresses just waiting to look sexy on you.

OK, I just want to get real for a second. I’ve always hated shopping for formal dresses because a) half the time they don’t fit or the brand doesn’t have my size and b) I’m super self-conscious about my arms. So, sleeveless dresses have always been automatically out for me.

sexy plus size evening gowns

That’s left me with, what?—maybe three dresses to choose from. But I’m officially deeming 2019 the year we all embrace our insecurities and wear something we think is hot, but might not have tried before. For me, that means sleeveless dresses. Whatever it means for you, I encourage you to go forth this year and wear shit with confidence!

That being said (LOL, sorry not sorry about my rant), I’ve found 17 sexy plus size evening gowns that we all should be proud to rock during wedding seasons. Sometimes it takes a girl yelling at you from a StyleCaster article to get you to realize you can wear whatever you want, and you will look good if you feel confident in what you’re wearing. So take a vow to be the hottest bridesmaid to ever grace a wedding with her presence. Ready, set, sexy.

prom dresses under 80 dollars

Luckily, many of the negative factors can be made into positives by shopping online for your wedding dress. All the dresses on this list are under $300, which is a big step in the right direction when you consider that the average cost of a wedding gown is close to $1,500. This is over five times more expensive than the MOST expensive dress on this list.

There’s also the issue of sizing. If you opt to purchase a dress in a bridal store, you’ll almost certainly be forced to purchase a size or two above your actual size. Bridal stores do this to account for any fluctuation in your weight, because it’s easier to take in a dress than it is to let it out.

What that means for you is you’ll be forced to spend additional time and money tailoring your already expensive dress, once it arrives. To avoid this hassle, opt for one of the styles on this list that can be made custom from the start. Simply provide your measurements and the dress will be made to fit your every inch.


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