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Summer is officially here and what’s that we smell in the air? Love, of course.We can’t all be a size zero on our big day; being curvy is nothing to be worried about. Shopping for a plus size wedding dress can be hard though, because you want to find that perfect fit and the perfect dress that will make you look beautiful on your big day.

First comes love and then marriage. But what they forgot to mention in that childhood rhyme was that marriage also means weddings are on the horizon.

If you’re a plus sized gal looking to invest in an outfit to celebrate the nuptials of loved ones, you may feel that there’s less options. But that’s no longer the case.

Whether you’re flying to a beachfront wedding in the Caribbean or celebrating love in your best friend’s backyard, there are plenty of options that are sure to turn heads .

What should be a day to celebrate love ends up being sold as ‘how to look your best’ which is completely fine, except when your size restricts you from being able to find something that makes you feel special.

Some of the most enjoyable parts of wedding planning can be really awful for plus size women. Finding shops that stock dresses in your size is harder and this can make for really upsetting experiences in bridal boutiques. All women deserve to feel beautiful and special on their day .

Love is love and that’s what really matters, not what size clothes you wear. So I urge women to feel brave and not to force themselves into strict diet regimes that make them feel sad just for one day. Embrace who you are because that’s why your partner is marrying you in the first place.

The average American woman is a size 14, shopping for a plus-size wedding gown has been a trying time (instead of the super-fun one it should be!) for many until the last few years. But now, it seems brands have finally started listening to the conversation and giving plus-size brides-to-be tons of options when it comes to choosing their wedding-day look.

More and more people are choosing wedding dresses online because they can have more choices here.More large brides can choose their favorite large wedding dresses on Vdressy,Whether it’s along plus size wedding dresses or sexy plus size wedding dresses,plus size mermaid wedding dresses,there is always a right for you to.


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