How many precautions do you know about wearing wedding dresses?

Many of us women don’t know how to choose our wedding dresses when we get married. Some people will choose sexy ones, others will choose pure and lovely ones. But no matter what kind of wedding dress you choose, you must match it well. Many people do not know the taboo of a bride wearing a wedding dress. Today, Xiao Bian will tell you about the taboo of wearing a wedding dress.

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First: White wedding dress should not choose colorful underwear.

When we get married, the bride will choose the white wedding dress, because the white wedding dress symbolizes purity, beauty, and generosity. Then it is also very important for us to choose underwear in the white wedding dress. The underwear in the white wedding dress should not be red underwear. If we wear red underwear, the color will be exposed. However, some brides still wear them like this, and the feeling they wear will make people look very embarrassed. Such brides must take warning.

Second: The bride should be elegant.

When we get married, the bride should not wear too showy clothes, which will make others think that you are dressed like this. Don’t pile up all the ornaments that think they are beautiful signs on yourself. Bride’s makeup should be formal and gentlemanly. If the white wedding dress is matched with enchanting makeup, it will be out of place.

Third: Choose the right one to hold the flowers.

It is also very important that we put on white wedding dresses and choose to hold flowers. Holding flowers in one’s hand is also an indispensable and important thing at a wedding. Bride’s wedding dresses are usually mostly white. We brides put on white wedding dresses and hold a bunch of roses in our hands. It also looks very inappropriate. When we get married, we usually wear white wedding dresses, which should be matched with western-style flowers. Instead of matching flowers with too many colors.

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Fourth: The wedding dress should be matched with the distribution, otherwise, it will feel strange.

When we get married, don’t go with a messy hairstyle for an elegant wedding dress, we will go with the elegant and grand hairstyle. If we sometimes wear a large crown as a headdress, it will also look out of line. And makeup is also the same if you choose a lovely wedding dress, then we don’t want to wear a stable and mature makeup, so as not to damage the atmosphere, but also to make people look comfortable.

Fifth: The matches of wedding dress and shoes.

A white wedding dress does not have to be accompanied by a pair of red shoes. Although red shoes are more auspicious. But red has another meaning. Red shoes also represent jumping into a fire pit. The white wedding dress represents purity and good shoes. Don’t always get married with red shoes, we can also go with white, gold or silver shoes.

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Other suggestions for choosing the best wedding dress

1. The number of wedding gowns: The number of wedding gowns in a studio may not be as selective as that in a large studio, so when choosing a wedding photography studio, comparing the number of wedding gowns in some studios is also a selection criterion. Special attention should be paid to the fact that photography agencies that do not allow small owners to see wedding gowns cannot order them even at low prices. Sometimes you will cry when you see the wedding dress on the day of filming after ordering the list. A pile of dirty clothes, just choose. In the window, there is a charge for the tall ones.

2. Wedding dress style: Pay attention to the proportion of new wedding dresses. If it is mostly old wedding dresses, new people need to choose carefully. Whether new models are introduced every year and whether there are big names. Through these details, we can know whether the service level of a photography organization is out of control. To be honest, it doesn’t matter whether the wedding dress is old, the important thing is how clean it is!

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3. Seeing is believing. Just one sentence: If you can’t see the wedding dress or the men’s formal dress, you make a reservation. How courageous are you? Therefore, don’t believe blindly because of the sales staff’s words.

4, According to the scene to choose the wedding dress.

Exterior location can give play to more space and can better meet the personalized needs of new people, but it is better to choose a light and light wedding dress to facilitate the capture of various sports. Heavy wedding dresses, such as unkempt dresses and large tails, can only be selected one at most. Most photos still need light wedding dresses.

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The choice of interior scenery is relatively limited, but photography studios are usually more innovative and flexible in the construction of interior scenery. Even simple scenery can make up for some deficiencies in the construction through lighting and excellent photography techniques. Therefore, the choice of wedding dress is relatively free and there are no restrictions.

5. Try it on
For the bride, the most important thing is to be the most beautiful woman number one on the wedding day. It is absolutely necessary to choose a fashionable and suitable wedding dress. But after trying out rows of wedding dresses in the studio or the wedding dress shop, I still couldn’t make up my mind.

What do prospective brides know about trying on wedding dresses?

1.The more wedding dresses you try, the better?
Every girl has a greedy heart. Try wedding dresses and think the more you try, the better. It’s best to try everything. In fact, this is a big mistake. Because sometimes I try too much, I think this or that will make me confused. Some even think that the more you try it on, the worse it will be, especially if you try it on in a wedding dress shop with different styles, which will make you unable to find the feeling. The best way is to find a style before going, and then try it on, usually try on 2 ~ 3 sets.

2. What kind of wedding dress do people with small breasts wear?
Girls with not full breasts should not feel inferior, let alone worry that underwear without shoulder straps will slide down, because the inside waist and abdomen of the wedding dress will be tightly closed, and then they will hold up your not-so-full breasts. In addition, the staff of the wedding dress photography company will have various small ways to help you solve this problem.

3. For those with too thick arms, what about wearing wedding dresses?
Avoiding sleeveless wedding dresses is a good way. The bride-to-be with a large shoulder skeleton can choose an American sleeveless wedding dress so that her long arms can be exposed.

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4. Must there be a petticoat in the wedding dress?
Generally, no matter the size of the wedding dress, there must be a petticoat, but what kind of petticoat to use depends on the material and style of the wedding dress and your figure. Never wear a heavy wedding dress with heavy petticoat. Such a bride feels stupid. Even if you are a small bride, you can also choose the petticoat that can match. The skirt of the wedding dress has a feeling of shaking, which will make you full of movement and show your figure.

5. How to choose a wedding dress for a bride who is married to her son?
Parental Guidance Wedding is not a big deal anymore. As you are worried about your stomach, you don’t need to wear that tight wedding dress. This is not only bad for your baby, but also bad for your body. You can choose a wedding dress with a high waist. The waistline of the wedding dress is below your chest and above your waist, which can not only block your big belly but also won’t highlight your slightly overweight figure.

6. Do you have to wear gloves when wearing wedding dresses?
This is not a hard and fast rule, mainly because it makes people feel more formal and you look elegant. But after the wedding, you must take off this glove.

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For female friends who are going to get married, we must see our suggestions for choosing a wedding dress. We all want to show our beauty on the day we get married, so we can be happy when we get married.


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