How to Maintain and Store Your Party Dress?

If you choose to buy rather than rent party clothes, then you are investing. In this article, we will provide you with tips on how to take care of your party dress to make it look longer!

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Whether it is the first stage, dance or wedding dress, the clothing must be properly stored and maintained.

This is because the party dress is made of delicate fabrics that are easily damaged.

Tips on how to take care of your evening dress
We have already made step-by-step instructions for your party dress, which will last for a long time. See:

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1. Identify fabric
When buying a party dress, it is very important to know its makeup.

Knowing the fabric of this garment, you will also know its specific details, such as washing, drying, ironing and storage. Embroidery and sequins as well as fragments of stone application are more delicate and need to be more careful.

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After use, clothes need to be washed. This is one of the most important steps in the list of tips on how to take care of your party dress.

Because it is a delicate fabric, it is not recommended to use techniques that may harm the work, such as washing machines, brushes, and bleach.

At first, it should be cleaned manually and gently. If there are stains, please gently wipe some washing powder or liquid on the affected part, and then wash with cold water.

In some cases, it is best to send clothes to clothes for special dry cleaning.

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2. Drain
If you choose to wash your household clothes, dry them in a cool and ventilated place. Do not expose parts to sunlight, as extreme light may discolor the fabric.

A faster drying method is to hang the drying part on the clothes rack.

3. The right way to pass
Some things don’t even need ironing, others, such as transparent hard yarn, tulle, zibeline, and taffeta, are more suitable for steam irons.

When ironing, the composition of clothes must be respected. Adjust the correct iron temperature and set the knob to match the clothing fabric.

In order to protect the workpiece from heat and prevent it from burning, please use light cotton cloth above it and complete the whole process very carefully to avoid scalding.

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4. Storage of formal dresses
Now the clothes are very clean, it is time to take them away. Place the workpiece on a clothes rack wrapped with its own cover or TNT cover.

Place mildew-proof products in the storage room away from specific insects in the cabinet. These products are easily found in supermarkets.

Every three months, move the spill into the air for a period of time. This can prevent debris and dust from accumulating and keep the parts preserved.

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