I will attend my friend’s wedding in September, what should I wear?

Weddings are no longer always in August, are they? Now many brides like to get married in September, why not? There are more dates and catering and wedding services are cheaper … but of course, if it’s a wedding in September, do I choose a summer dress or an autumn wedding dress? what does the weather look like? If the day is a wedding, then the night is not it? Most importantly, I found that a dress is a perfect guest and no one else wears it, which suits me and is 100% of the wedding style. Friend, this is what Brett means.

elegant floor length wedding dress

The advantage of September is that it is a summer month, but it is not as unbearable as August, especially if the wedding is late. This made us wear colorful short wedding dresses but even introduced some autumn elements. The first thing we always suggest is that you will find out what the wedding will be like. The “rolling” he will have. One hint we usually give is that you ask who is the wedding planner, you enter your Instagram, and you will know. Weddings are usually thrown by similar wedding pieces, some are more retro, other marks touch the 70s … this will tell you what kind of clothing to buy.

Once you know, please stop our seasonal dresses. If you are doing something fair, please be sure to check our socket section. There, we collected our favorite dresses of the past few seasons at a very affordable price. Remember, Bouret is a unique brand that sells unique designs and quality, so even if you buy this dress for your wedding in September, it will last for a long time.

court train a-line/princess wedding dress

At the wedding in September, choose Lalamira as a guest star.
Choosing the clothes you choose will never make you feel that you are pretending. You know what your fortress is: your legs, your neck, your shoulders, your appearance … choose the clothes that best highlight it. If you have any questions, please ask us, that is our goal. Please remember that the guest’s dress is not just the “own” dress. In fact, during those months, let’s say that it is a good idea to get a monkey from our new series at half time. They look great and you will get attention (ok).

We hope these tips will be helpful to you. Although you are best at entering our guest section, choosing, asking all our questions, and falling in love with this perfect guest wedding dress for you. Thank you very much for supporting fashion when you buy. Thank you very much for choosing Lalamira.


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