It has been revealed that Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin’s Wedding will be planned in September to mark the first anniversary of their marriage.

According to foreign media reports, US pop singer Justin Bieber and model girlfriend Hailey Baldwin plan to hold a small wedding in this fall.

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Bieber and Haley married in new york City Court in September 2018. They are considering a wedding in January this year. However, due to problems such as Bieber’s physical condition, they have been delayed and even suspected of forgetting their ex-girlfriend. According to a source familiar with the matter, they may arrange the wedding in September, just to commemorate the first anniversary of the wedding. Moreover, it will be a small wedding, but the venue of the wedding has not been determined yet.

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How to choose a suitable wedding dress for you?

1. Internet

First of all, before crossing the threshold of the studio, I think it is right to indulge in a small process. Thanks to the Internet today, we can already understand what we like and dislike, appreciate the new series, cherish nostalgic enthusiasm for some models of the past, why don’t we dream like all princesses, the clothes we will wear can make everything we like, even yesterday’s fashion and today’s fashion, unthinkable … I still remember that once we read professional newspapers to give us this, we ran to the newsstand to grab a copy. It seems that there are oracles in those pages and we spent the whole day watching and watching … many magazines still exist, but alas, the internet world offers a wider range of proposals and keeps updating. Click today to see the fashion show, model details, but the most important thing is to be calm (and at any time! ) Learn about Italian-made haute couture or the advice of foreign stylists so that you can get an idea, say, accurate.

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2. Studio

However, in this respect, I want to tell you something. The Internet will always provide you with rough knowledge, and then you will meet romantically with fabrics, crystals, lace, sequins, tulle, silk … now it is time to book the most effective studio for you. Choose it, if I may suggest you, according to what I think are the basic three characteristics: historicity, professionalism and taste, it is understood as the style closest to yours. If you don’t arrange your meeting first, don’t think of the scene: this will be a special moment, it’s all yours, totally careless, not in a hurry.

Enjoy that time, admire yourself, dream, and project yourself onto the altar without looking at your watch. You must satisfy your dreams, dreams have no time. Oh, I forgot: try, try, try any model, even what you imagine can’t be your clothes … usually, it’s just the opposite … you believe in an idea and the same idea appears completely distorted. Then, never underestimate the details ……

3. Character and Accessories

You must always remember that the wedding dress must highlight your outline, your personality … in those fabrics, you must rest assured … why not, this or that model will have to improve your appearance! I strongly suggest that you do not choose according to current trends … if you do, then you will build according to your own nature … the choice is based on your character. Finally, another suggestion. When you choose the clothes to wear on the ceremony day, put on the whole clothes again and admire yourself again. Try its veil, gloves, if you have them, shoes (provided with clothes, but we have talked about it) and the whole set.

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If you mirror your eyes, you will shine. This is the right dress. In that reflected image, when you enter the church, you project yourself … how can you not hit the heart? I always say that the choice of this dress is a bit like the future husband’s “choice” … people immediately understand it and don’t have so many explanations, because it is the heart of speech! For example, as a child, I dreamed (like all others) of a charming prince, I imagined his blond blue eyes … After giving all the advice on how to choose a wedding dress, I would like to share my dresses with you. As I have explained, my mother asked me to wear a dress to restore her grandmother … I have already told you that after careful analysis of her wedding photos, the painting was finished. In fact, my mother wanted me to wear her, but our physical condition is very different: she is more beautiful than Lollobrigida, tall and beautiful breasts … but I am petite, size 40, and his robe is just not given to me. He told me that photo, I fell in love with it. Grandma got married in 1913, and the dress was severely punished … so we went to church at that time, but even grandma was revolutionary despite the “constraints” at that time. This is a unique piece of Chantilly lace, matched with pure satin … or today’s fabric! Forty years ago, when I got married, the taste of the 1970s was completely different: clothes were almost always cut at the waist, skirts were on the wheels … sleeves were almost always very long, and there was a balloon … I preferred my grandmother’s one, which, as I said, was revolutionary in her time, because apart from lace with half sleeves, long sleeves and waistbands at the waist were exposed, and crystal tassels were on the breasts and waistbands. I’ll look back ……

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4. Veil

The veil is instead the mother’s “mandatory” choice. He said, I have a beautiful little face that must be displayed, so he has a tulle scallop made by an embroiderer. But it turned out that the same veil was put on my hat, a headscarf … it’s really unusual over the years. At my feet, I have a pair of shoes made of plateau fabric. Let me tell you one thing: when I look at those photos, I still like that dress very much. This is what every bride must have in mind. She must feel very beautiful. imagine what you are thinking about wearing this dress even in 40 years. Of course, I will wear it … to confirm my love and be ready to put on my beautiful wedding dress!

The wedding dress in front of the window was glowing with pure light. The objects attached to the bride seemed to be imbued with the aristocratic atmosphere and vaguely contained arrogance and sacredness. It is the warmest and most tender dream in a woman’s heart. It lies dormant quietly in the deepest part of a woman’s heart, waiting for a gust of wind to rise at any time until her heart flutters and her wedding dress flutters.



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