Love for 12 years! Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Shares Beautiful Photos of Hawaiian Wedding to Lauren Hashian#%^&*^&……

On August 18, 2019, local time, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson sweetly shared their wedding photos on a social platform. In the photo, Johnson’s wife was wearing a wedding dress and had a nice figure. Johnson and his wife in the photo look very sweet. It can be seen that although they have been in love for 12 years, their feelings are still as sweet and warm as when they were just together, making many people envy them very much.


photos of dwayne johnson and lauren hashian wedding in hawaiian

According to some previous reports, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and his girlfriend Lauren Hashian are married! They started dating in 2007. Although they were not formally married,  they are almost married, because they not only live together but also gave birth to two precious daughters Jasmine and Tiana one after another. Their life is very happy. Johnson was also very kind to his wife. Although he was not married before, he always treated her as his wife. Therefore, the two men only missed a wedding and the process. Now with this process, Johnson and his wife are “justified”.they welcomed their two precious daughters Jasmine and Tiana one after another.

In the photo, Johnson is wearing an all-white suit and his girlfriend is wearing an elegant white wedding dress. They both smile greatly and hold hands tightly. They look very happy. “We do,” he wrote in the accompanying text. And marked the date and place “August 18, 2019, Hawaii”. After 12 years of communication, they finally officially became husband and wife, and many celebrities and friends offered their best wishes.

texts of dwayne johnson and lauren hashian wedding in hawaiian

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson himself wrote “We do” at the bottom of the photo. Although this sentence is very simple, it also makes people feel very sweet and warm. For both husband and wife, the word “willing” is really a very meaningful sentence. Johnson and his wife in the photo are both wearing white dresses. They look really beautiful and romantic. Moreover, I can see that Johnson is very gentle in front of his wife, very different from Johnson that netizens usually see. It seems that even a tough guy will become very gentle in front of love.

In fact, although Johnson and his wife are very in love, in fact, before the two were not married, many netizens had speculated that their feelings were not true. After all, there were really very few couples who had children but were not married, not to mention had two children. Therefore, many people in the outside world have speculated that Johnson and his wife actually have no feelings, and the two only managed together for the sake of their children. However, the two people told everyone with practical actions that they were really in love and they were really happy.

dwayne johnson and lauren hashian wedding in hawaiian

Twelve years of feelings will eventually bear fruit. I hope Dwayne Johnson and his wife will continue to be happy and bless them.

I have to say that Lauren Hashian looks very beautiful, slim and sexy especially when she wears this white lace wedding dress. Here, I wish her and Dwayne Johnson happy forever again.


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