plus size wedding dresses can also be cute and sexy

First comes love and then marriage. But what they forgot to mention in that childhood rhyme was that marriage also means weddings are on the horizon.

Some of the most enjoyable parts of wedding planning can be really awful for plus size women. Finding shops that stock dresses in your size is harder and this can make for really upsetting experiences in bridal boutiques. All women deserve to feel beautiful and special on their day which is why I decided to share my photos of my wedding day on social media.

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The truth is that as women, we are fed the idea of a ‘beautiful bride’ from a young age, which almost always equates to slim and glowing. We are taught that we must look our absolute best – the pinnacle of beauty. Nothing less is OK. However, the body positivity movement is trying to reclaim beauty ideals, so brides feel happy and confident.

If you’re a plus sized gal looking to invest in an outfit to celebrate the nuptials of loved ones, you may feel that there’s less options. But that’s no longer the case.

Vdressy wanted women to know that they don’t have to lose weight to feel beautiful or loved that they should wear whatever style of dress they want, regardless of whether articles in wedding magazines suggest otherwise.You can choose your own size wedding dress,plus size mermaid wedding dresses or plus size black wedding dresses.

Luckily, the options have gotten a lot better in recent years, thanks to additional low-price brands (beyond just Vdressy), stores that specifically cater to “untraditional” brides, and more varied e-commerce options for skipping the whole bridal salon experience altogether.


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