It seems that girls want to be the focus in the party and show their beauty to everyone. But they did not know how to choose evening dress. Don’t worry, this article recommends several models for you, hoping to be helpful to you.

Christmas comes, and it’s that date where we have a lot of dinners and events and as always we accumulate the different party looks. I am one of those who thinks it is very important to have a pair of basic black short cocktail dress that can get us out of a hurry, and more when Christmas comes, they invite us to a party overnight and we go crazy to find a suitable look.

black short cocktail dress
So to get ahead of the headaches, I propose different dress options. Not only blacks, nor sequins, but also models in different colors and basic dresses that serve as a wardrobe background that you can find in the dress section of In addition, I show you a pair of models of shoes, which can be perfect to match with prom dresses.

Basic dresses with a different touch, like this model with plumetti on the back. Ideal for a working dinner, it’s simple but combined with a necklace looks perfect.

If you want something more sophisticated, maybe lace sleeveless evening dresses are an idea. Two different styles, a very lady model and another as baby doll cut. Which model do you like best?

lace sleeveless evening dresses

If you want color, maybe an eggplant or pink short evening dress can be a solution. Simple models so you can reuse them at other parties and events by changing the add-ons. Party shoes can be simple, like these two models I propose, that you can wear in your day to day.

pink short evening dress

Although my favorite dress has been this model with golden sequins, I think it has been love at first sight and that although it may seem that I will not make much of it in winter, with bushy stockings can be perfect for these parties. What do you think?

When evening dress meets high-grade lace and is inlaid with sequins, it is really a fairy’s style. However, when choosing this kind of evening dress, one should pay attention to whether one’s skin color is suitable. And if you want to wear the fairy flavor, you must choose the light color series in color. Like white, light blue, etc., all give people fresh, clean and natural beauty.

So you can choose the style and color of evening dress according to your figure, temperament and the desired effect!


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