Sitting with a prom dress is easy without revealing anything!

Many women like to wear prom dresses. It doesn’t have to be hot weather at all. Even in the colder months, they like to be taken out of the closet.

Yet every skirt or dress has the same kind of problem. What is the best way to sit with a short prom dress?

Unsolicited view

Every wearer of a dress or skirt knows the problem. You have put on a nice dress or skirt, but then there is a moment when you have to sit. Where you can go in almost any direction with pants, that is just a little bit different here.
lace short prom dress
lace short prom dress

ball gown long prom dress
ball gown long prom dress

off-the-shoulder prom dress
off-the-shoulder prom dress

Because your legs are not separated from each other with dust, it is ‘open and exposed’. In addition, Uncle Jan or the neighbor does not really have to know which underwear you are currently wearing.

Or, think of your colleagues at work. You try to avoid this view as much as possible. But how is it best to sit with a long prom dress?

Sit with a skirt or dress

The shorter the outfit, the faster the chance of viewing. Do you prefer to wear this? Then you have to pay attention because the danger of viewing is lurking here.

Also, pay attention to the possible creeping up of your skirt or dress. This can make your outfit even shorter. The advantage of a long skirt or dress is, of course, the length. The extra amount of dust can often fall over your legs, which means that the view already has fewer opportunities.

Especially a smoothly falling fabric is very nice here. The type A-line and pleated are good examples of this.

Best ways of sitting

The question is of course: What is the best way to sit with a skirt or dress? And what about a charming place without a convulsive attitude?

  1. Oblique: Are you talking to someone sitting in front of you? Then keep your legs together. You can also tilt a little: this puts the focus more on the side.
  2. Crosswise: A good way to cover the glimpse is, of course, the subtle crosswise method. Hereby your legs are against each other, but you put one leg on the other leg. Make sure that one knee comes ‘above’ the other. So: not too far apart.
  3. Straight from the front: The simplest way is, of course, to sit straight ahead with your legs together. You can place your lower legs more slanted, but that is just what you find comfortable.


You may not like it, but it is handy! To look just a little more dressed, you can also wear special, thin pants that cover your body more there. This way you can sit easier with a skirt or dress on, but you are more slightly dressed.

And if someone sees something, it is also less uncomfortable.

When wearing dresses (especially the short one), the best way is to cross your ankles. In this way, you will not expose any areas you want to hide.

Of course, you can wear pants! But to be honest, you didn’t mention “anything” that you didn’t want to reveal. As others have said, the real method that has been tried is to sit with your knees together, tightly crossing your ankles, one after the other. Another real method that has been tried is to wear skirts or dresses with skirts above the knees.

Try to keep your legs together as much as possible during your sitting position especially with a short prom dress. So you not only have a charming attitude, but you also know how to prevent embarrassing moments…


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