Six tips for finding your dream plus size wedding dresses

Searching for plus size dresses for a wedding party, many women start to think that they are not going to find anything suitable because they don’t meet standard sizes and dimensions. Not all fashions match their figures, not all colors suit them well. In Vdressy ,you can found the dream plus size long sleeve wedding dresses.

Picking your wedding dress is something many women dream about, but for many of us who aren’t a size 6, the task can feel daunting and actually downright difficult. When not all brands will offer options above a size 14 – and not to menation if you want to find one that’s also affordable – that can be even harder.

1. Know your budget – and stick to it!
It can be so easy to get carried away – and some sales staff will be experts in selling you on a dream – so make sure you are vocal on your price range from the get-go.

2. Know your body
If you’d never wear something in everyday life – then why would you want to wear it on your wedding day? Sure you want to up the ante but you don’t want to go so far that you are uncomfortable on your big day. Know what works, what you love – and what you want to accentuate

3. Take the right people with you
Only take people with you to choose your dress that you trust to give you an honest and constructive opinion – don’t take people that will just say everything looks great – or people that will tell you what you want to hear. Take friends who will make you feel a million bucks and feel just as excited as you about finding “the one”.

4. When you find it, you’ll know
It sounds like a cliché, but it’s true. Don’t rush it, enjoy the process – and the champagne along the way!

5. Location
Unless you are yet to pick the location (or will pick it pending your dress choice!) then keep this top of mind when shopping for your dress. The last thing you want is long sleeves on a sunny beach – or a strapless number in the snow.

6. Timing
Speak to the store about what the turnaround is that you need to work to – because some designers simply will not be able to turn around some dresses at short notice. Getting in early will leave you with much more options.

7. Go in with an open mind
While many if us dream about our wedding day since we are little, going in with one clear vision can often hinder the possibility of finding something even better! And often this can also lead to disappointment when your vision doesn’t live up to it in real life.

If shopping online, give the website a call and find out if they make to measure or offer options outside of regular standard sizing – and then also make sure you find out their returns policy if it arrives in the mail and it’s not your dream dress.


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