The adult bride in her 40s chose a wedding dress that could be beautifully dressed.

I am 40 years old and can’t wear wedding dress. Such voices are often heard from brides over 40. In order to give the impression that the dress is cute, it is really a pity to give up the desired wedding dress! Just because she is a mature bride, there are many dresses that can be worn. Compared with those in their 20s, physical worries and so on may care about all kinds of things. However, a little effort can make up for it.

a-line square wedding dress

For brides who are worried about bare skin
The mainstream design of wedding dress is from shoulder to back with arms exposed. Therefore, for adult brides who want to control skin exposure, be sure to try these two points.

sweetheart tulle wedding dress

(1) double cutting type boron addition
Adding a layer of lip gloss to a double-cut wedding dress can inhibit skin exposure.

Recently, shabby clothes with transparency and wedding dress with sleeves are very popular. While controlling the exposure and absorbing the popularity, you can perform beautiful dresses and postures.

wedding dress with sleeves

(2) the ceremony with a veil covering the skin
If it is chapel style, the veil is essential, and the front style can also be made according to one’s own preferences. Just hang a veil on your shoulder to avoid direct exposure. In addition, exposure can be controlled according to the type of veil, so it is recommended.

wedding dress with veil

For brides who care about side and back meat
When you expose your back, you will care about the meat under your armpit and back. The meat came out and put on the wedding dress. For adult brides with such uneasiness, please be sure to try this.

(1) not easy to wear meat design wedding dress

Mainly by the studio designers hand-made bouquet wedding dress bit by bit. For skirts like that, brides pay most attention to the beautiful thread and the tailoring of the cloth.

For example, the breast of the wedding dress below is a loose heart shape. Compared with the normal straight breast skirt, the meat on the side is difficult to remove.

glamorous sweep wedding dress

(2) in a higher position
Depending on the location of the wedding dress, the meat will also vary greatly. If you put it on at a lower position, the meat on the skirt will become more, so the meat beside it will easily become conspicuous.

For brides worried about pokkori’s belly
Let the bride worried about your hunger stick to the line of the dance dress. For mermaid lines, imperial lines and slender lines, it is best to avoid hungry brides. Mermaid lines emphasize body lines, empire lines and slender lines can make the abdomen more obvious, depending on the dress.

If you are interested, please try Line A or Princess Line of the Royal Highway. Both are designed to expand the skirt from the waist, so the expansion of the skirt makes it difficult to see the abdomen. In fact, pregnant women are also advised to use line a and princess line. If you are worried that you feel hungry, please choose a skirt dress that can cover your abdomen well.

simple trumpet wedding dress

Yes, the bride who thinks dress = lovely
Did you give up the prom dress because of the image of “lovely clothes”? What a waste! Of course there are dresses with beautiful designs, but there are also many dresses designed by adults that you can wear because you are an adult bride.

sleeveless ball-gown prom dress

Speaking of prom dresses, there are various lines, materials and designs. According to originality and design, there are many dresses suitable for 40′ s adult brides, but giving up age dresses is a waste. Women’s Desire for Ball Dresses. Why don’t you have the courage to try?



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