The dress kick started a new hashtag ——weddingdresseswithpockets

Currently, we are falling for the contemporary updates designers are making to the classic shape, from crisp clean lines for the minimalist to layers of tulle and appliqués for the maximalist, even a mermaid prom dresses under 200!

When it comes to women’s clothing I think there’s one thing we can all agree on – there aren’t enough pockets.

Of course there are plenty of situations where you could benefit from having pockets, one of them being your wedding day.

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There are a few essentials you need on hand like tissues and lipstick and while you could put it all in a little bag, but let’s be real here, pockets would be more convenient.

Now a bride has gone viral thanks to her game changing wedding dress because it has pockets.

While some brides are able to bring their dream wedding to life without a worry in the world, tight budgets can leave others struggling to make their big day a reality.

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You’ve got the ring, you’ve picked the date, and now you are on to finding the perfect dress for the big day. You are the kind of girl that is looking for something fresh and modern, so that run-of-the-mill, full-length bridal gown just won’t do. Why not take a little inspiration from the past and give the tea-length dress a spin?

The dress kick started a new hashtag #weddingdresseswithpockets and it turns out her friend wasn’t the only clever woman who opted for a dress with the added feature.

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Plenty of brides replied to the thread to share their own #weddingdresseswithpockets pictures and this is a bridal trend we are definitely here for.

It didn’t take long for a few men to comment and question what all the fuss was about and it’s simple – on your big day you need plenty of things on hand and you can even shove snacks in your pockets.


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