There are plenty of places to shop for cheap vintage lace wedding dresses

While some couples may shell out upwards of $100,000 on an elaborate wedding, others opt for a more cost-conscious affair. Planning your wedding on a budget?

We don’t have to tell you that expenses add up fast. One of the biggest concerns for brides on a budget is the wedding dress. Sometimes it can feel like finding your Prince Charming was a breeze compared to finding your dream gown without spending a fortune. Good news for fiscally responsible brides: There are plenty of places to shop for cheap vintage lace wedding dresses.

cheap vintage lace wedding dresses

Not all wedding dress fabrics are created equally. Some fabrics are better suited for structured designs, others are great for flowing, light looks, and others for larger-than-life ballgowns. Before you jump into wedding dress shopping, learn what to expect when it comes to fabric.

February is National Wedding Month, and that means we’ve got your back with beaucoup and non-traditional wedding inspiration, starting with the wedding dress of your dreams. Finding the perfect wedding dress to match your personality is always a challenge, especially if you count yourself amongst the non-traditional crowd .

plus size princess wedding dresses

Whether you want to add a pop of color to your wedding day getup or are ready to embrace a pretty pink, there’s no shortage of colorful wedding dresses to swoon over.

Social norms surrounding weddings look a heck of a lot different than they did in our grandparents’ (and even our parents’) days. Unions now come in more forms than ever before and for those of us that still opt to go this route, so do dresses. Wedding isn’t code for vanilla ice cream in the proverbial sense of that phrase. Wear what you want, be who you want, refrain from sex as long as you want.


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