These bridesmaid dresses under 200 are sure to compliment your wedding dress

Finding the perfect wedding gown can be a HUGE mission but, believe it or not, choosing the perfect bridesmaids‘ dresses to go with it can be even trickier – after all, you’ll have to take so much more than your own tastes and body shape into consideration.

Your wedding dress is totally your style and your bridesmaids dresses are an extension of that. So whether you are a princess bride or a boho bride; these bridesmaid dresses under 200 are sure to compliment your wedding dress. But hey! It’s your wedding and we love contrasting looks, feel free to mix up any of these bridal trends.

bridesmaid dresses under 200

Your dress will provide a good base for the kind of ‘story’ you’d like to create for you and your bridal party. For example, if you have chosen a sophisticated, sexy plus size evening dresses, then its overall style will serve as the foundation of your bridesmaids’ dresses which you would, most likely, want to match your your gown’s classic styling.

When it comes to picking bridesmaid dresses, there is no better way to draw attention away from your stunning wedding dress than by having a poorly coordinated bridal party.

mermaid prom dresses under 200

To outfit your ‘maids in a style (or styles!) that make sense and don’t shift the spotlight, ask yourself the following: What types of dresses will your bridesmaids want? What shapes flatter their bodies? And just as important, what colors and fabrics coordinate with (or at the very least, enhance) your wedding style?

For the classic brides all about true romance, you always knew you would be in a ballgown on your wedding day. Your beautiful gown is going to steal the show, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want your bridesmaids getting their time in the spotlight!

cheap plus size wedding dresses under 200

You have a TON of options here for bridesmaids dresses, we say focus on styles that are easy to dress up or dresses that even have a little volume of their own.

Lace gowns for brides have surged in popularity over the last few years. However, more than other fabrics, lace gowns are more difficult to match color schemes when choosing bridesmaid dresses. The delicate and complex fabric makes finding complimentary bridesmaid dresses difficult.


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