Wedding dresses are no longer only found on perfectly-preened shelves

Wedding dresses are no longer only found on perfectly-preened shelves in stuffy boutiques, you can now shop cheap plus size wedding dresses under 200 wear on the high street. And just because the price tag is low doesn’t mean these gowns and separates aren’t more than worthy of your big day.

Buying your wedding dress is one of the most exciting purchases of your life.Every bride wants to walk down the aisle feeling gorgeous, glamorous and relaxed – and that means choosing exactly the right dress for you.But with all the pressure to find winter wedding flower girl dresses, dress shopping can be stressful.

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Shopping for a wedding gown might not always be as glamorous as the process was for…But brides tend to make common mistakes that hinder their process of finding the perfect gown. Some mistakes are minor (expert tip: leave your black lace underwear at home and opt for a seamless nude pair to try on wedding gowns), while others can be incredibly detrimental to the process of finding the dress.

And once the dress is decided upon, most brides misstep again, falling prey to tempting “don’ts” that make the process that much more challenging for them in the long run. Here, all the common mistakes brides-to-be make when shopping for their wedding gown—and the ones that will most likely have your friends (or fans) murmuring that your look is “ill-fitting,” “boring” or “bland.”

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Ideally, brides should begin shopping 10 months prior to their wedding date, and place their gown orders no later than 6-7 months prior to their wedding date—and some would say 6 months is even cutting it close. Bridal gowns are made-to-order, meaning that their creation process does not begin until your measurements are taken, fabric is ordered and your deposit is paid via your local salon. Lead times shorter than 6 months are typically considered rush orders, and you may incur extra fees to receive your gown in time.

We’re sure your friends are lovely, but keep your crew small and intimate when wedding dress shopping. Avoid the situation of “too many cooks in the kitchen”—it only takes one negative voice, one (let’s get real) jealous bridesmaid, or a small spat between you and someone you love to destroy the positive tone of a bridal appointment.

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Once you order a gown, you wait months for it to come into the salon, and your mind wanders, romanticizing about your dress as you remember it in your head. Trying on too many styles will have you re-appropriating details from try-ons and fittings past, which can complicate alterations. Lastly, brides who have seen too much can lose out on the wow factor of finding the one; it can feel anti-climactic if you’ve chosen to prolong the process and put yourself through dozens of appointments.


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